A Thank You To Yitzhak Dadon

6 03 2008

Be thankful that there are people like Yitzhak Dadon standing ready at the front lines of civilization.

He saved lives today. Who knows how many.

“Yitzhak Dadon, a student, said he was armed with a rifle and waited on the roof of a nearby building. “He came out of the library spraying automatic fire … the terrorist came to the entrance and I shot him twice in the head,” he said.”





One response

6 03 2008

Would that all Jews knew Talmud as well:

“When your enemy comes to kill you, rise up & kill him first.” Talmud, Berakhot 62b

Not “wait for him to attack you first.” Not “wait for him to get to you.”
Get up & go out to meet him (preferably on a roof, where you have the superior vantage point…)

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